Tuocen Treadmill Ski Machine

The infinite ski machine for indoor ski centers and ski clubs

Want to ski immediately but hesitate to make a long trip plan first? Or have to wait several months for the winter to come? Let’s say “ No! I can do it Right Now!”
With our indoor treadmill ski machine, we make it come true for you.

About Tuocen Treadmill Ski Machine

How the treadmill ski machine works?

Similar to the common treadmill you see in the gym, but bigger in dimension, Tuocen ski machine - with the other names of endless ski slope, infinite ski slope, indoor ski simulator, revolving slope- works in the same way with an endless revolving belt, that is perfectly covered by the specially designed and patented ski grass, therefore once the belt starts to rotate backward, you can ski down the infinite ski slope for however long time you want.

What the Tuocen treadmill ski machine can offer you

   No limit on the Ski Time and Site, on our endless ski slope, you can ski whenever you want all year round.
   Suitable for skiers of different levels (the beginners and the professionals), above the age of 4 years old, with the tilt angle of infinite ski slope and the revolving speed of the skiing belt controllable.
   Much safer to ski on Tuocen indoor ski machine, with the all-round safety designs (infrared touch stop device, remote control, and adjustable start bar).
   More effective to improve your skiing skills, with the instructor to coach beside, the mirror stand in front to observe and correct, and also save the time to go up the mountain.
   Suitable for different purposes, ski training, physical exercise, corporate events, family party, school activities and events show.
   Suitable for the applications in different premises - the ski centers, ski clubs, schools, gyms, leisure parks, shopping malls, entertainment centers and private houses, with different models and different options of Tuocen treadmill ski machines.

Features of Tuocen Treadmill Ski Machine

Advantages of Tuocen Ski Treadmill

3rd Generation Design Machine

3rd Generation Design Machine

The two-level system of double motors working synchronously enables the belt & ski carpet to roll smoothly, especially when rolling at high speed, which guarantees the safety of the skiers.
Brand Electrical Parts

Brand Electrical Parts

Double Siemens BEIDE frequency Motors, long operation life up to 20, 000hrs (5 years); Japan Yaskawa Braking System, much safer, no maintenance; CNT and Omron Electrical components.
Multi-level Safety Protection Designs

Multi-level Safety Protection Designs

Multiple safety protection designs (Japan Yaskawa Discharge Brake System, Infrared Touch Stop System, 2 Seconds Buffer Brake) provide all-round protection for skiers.
Patented Ski Grass for Ski Machine

Patented Ski Grass for Ski Machine

Professional Ski Grass specially designed for Ski Machines (Ski Slopes), the updated 3rd generation, with patented technology, more durable, slippery and offers good control.
Special Designed Rollers with Excellent Performance

Special Designed Rollers with Excellent Performance

Customized design Rollers covered with 10mm Rubber, protect from corrosion, enhance the cohesion with the belt, avoid the Skidding of the rolling belt.
Brand Bearing and Bearing Blocks

Brand Bearing and Bearing Blocks

Japan Bearing with Sweden SKF Bearing Block, long lifetime and no shaking when rolling at high speed, which guarantee the stable performance of the machines.
Fixed Screen Control Panel and Remote Control
Fixed Screen Control Panel and Remote Control

Screen Touch Control System, with errors alarm function, easy operation, and user-friendly LCD display; Remote control for prompt operation, guarantee the safety of skiers.
Automatic Ski Carpet Moistening System
Automatic Ski Carpet Moistening System

Automatic Ski Carpet Moistening System, low water consumption (3-6 liters/hour), controlled by remote controller, better moistening effect than manual work.
Adjusting Start Bar and Mirror Stand

Adjusting Start Bar, suitable for skiers with different heights;
Mirror Stand in front of the infinite ski slope, for the skiers to watch themselves better and correct their motions effectively; and with the single mirror lens, the audience can watch well from the other side.

Regular Models of Tuocen Treadmill Ski Machine

Big and Medium Treadmill Ski Machine

With bigger infinite ski slope, to allow 2-9 persons to ski at a time, these ski machine models are more suitable for ski centers, ski clubs and ski schools for ski and snowboard training, and also are a good choice for the entertainment centers and leisure parks to create a new sportainment item.

Mobile Treadmill Ski Machine

With the endless ski slop to be foldable, fast installation, suitable for 1-2 persons to ski each time, this ski machine model can be used for both ski training and Sports Events, to attract attention and increase consumers amount.


Mini Treadmill Ski Machine

Small dimensions, fast installation, and suitable for 1 person to ski a time, this infinite slope model is suitable for Fitness Centers, Sports Events and Private use.



3D Treadmill Ski Machine

The most advanced treadmill ski machine specially for professional skiers and snowboarders, with the dynamic change of the inclination angles of the endless revolving slope in horizontal and vertical direction, more challenges and fun, it is the top configuration of the Ski Clubs.

Patented Ski Grass

Tuocen Ski Grass is specially designed and developed for our indoor ski machines(endless ski Slopes). The 3rd updated generation, with the unique yarn and weaving base, pile height of 22mm, is more durable, slippery and offers good control meanwhile



More Products

Gallary of Ski Clubs with Tuocen Treadmill Ski Machines

Feilong Sports Park
Huadu School Affiliated
Shanghai Nanfeng City

Video Show of Tuocen Treadmill Ski Machines

Cooperation Process

Product FAQ

  • (1) For Big and Medium Models, since we disassemble it and pack in parts, it will require a standard door or window opening to carry the packages inside, with the max size 1m*1m*6.8M, weighing 1000kgs.
    (2) For the Mobile ski machine model, a passage opening to carry the main part with the max size 2.2m(W)*5.1m(L)*2.4m(H), weighing 4000kgs
    (3) For the Mini indoor ski machine model, a passage opening to carry the main part with the max size 1.4m(W)*2.8m(L)*1.3m(H), weighing 1300kgs

Factory FAQ

  • (1) For regular big and medium models, normally 25 days;
    (2) For mobile and mini mode, normally 60 days;
    (3) For customized models, normally 65 days.
  • We used the branded materials, and before delivery, we’ll pre-install the machine well in our factory and make the marks accordingly, so as to make sure no problem at clients’ premises.
  • We’ll send one engineer to instruct the installation work, the client needs to arrange a team of 4-6 persons to install locally.

  • (1) For Big and Medium indoor ski machine models, normally it will take 15 days for 1 machine and 20 days for 2 machines
    (2) For Mobile and Mini ski machines, the main parts are installed well in our factory, so it will take about 1-3 days to install at clients premises.

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