Tuocen Treadmill Rock Climbing Machine

Want to experience the fun of rock climbing, but dare not, or is too much preparation needed?
Now with our rock climbing machine, even the beginner can enjoy it easily and safely.

About Tuocen Treadmill Rock Climbing Machine

How the treadmill rock climbing machine work?

Similar to the common treadmill you see in the fitness centers, Tuocen treadmill rock climbing machine works in the same way with an endless revolving belt, that is covered with the climbing rocks in designed lines, therefore once the belt starts to rotate upward, you can climb on the infinite slope.

What the treadmill can offer you?

  No limit on the Time and Site, on our endless climbing machine, you can climb whenever you want.
  With the speed and tilt angle to be controlled, both the beginners and professional rock climber can find their climbing way on our rock climbing machines.
  More safe, easy to access and more effective compared with other rock climbing solution.
  Suitable for the application in schools, gyms, entertainment centers, office and private house to as new style of body exercises.

Benefits of rock climbing

  Improve physical balance, with the sport mode of 3 points hold and 1 point moves.
  Improve physical strength to against the gravity of the earth.
  Boost self-confidence to challenge the wall much taller than yourself.
  Develop concentration with all attention focused on each step upward on the rock.

  Challenge your willpower and determination to exceed yourself

  Exercise physical flexibility and hand-eye coordination, especially important for kids.

Regular Models of Tuocen Treadmill Rock Climbing Machine

Tuocen Treadmill Rock Climbing Machine, with the climbing speed and the tilt angle of the climbing slope to be adjustable, can be used for both the beginners and the professional climbers, as a new activity in fitness centers, entertainment centers and leisure parks.

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