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Ski Grass

The third generation ski grass with patents, designed and updated for indoor ski machines, which is the soul of the indoor ski mahines, with long life time and offers the skiing experience similar to ski on the real snow.
  • SG-22

The professional ski grass with Patents:

Tuocen Ski Grass is specially designed and developed for our indoor ski machines(ski Slopes). The 3rd updated generation, with the unique yarn and weaving base, pile height of 22mm, is more durable, slippery and offers good control meanwhile.

GSH-25-38单丝 (7)

Unique Installation Technique:

In addition to the quality of the ski grass itself, the paving technique of the ski grass is another key point. The paving effect directly determines the skiing experience of the skiers, and will also have a great impact on the service life of the ski grass.

After years of testing and experience accumulation, we have formed a complete set of unique ski grass paving technique and process, which ensure the smoothness and firmness of the ski grass paving, especially the ski grass splicing technology at the seams. This provide our customers with more quality assurance, therefore reduces their operation costs and improves their customers’ satisfaction with skiing experience.

GSH-25-38单丝 (13)