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Our Tuocen Treadmill Ski Machines work similar to the treadmill, with an endless revolving ski  slope(endless slope), the skiers can ski down infinite slope like skiing down the mountain. With the speed adjustable and the instructors coaching beside, the beginners can learn skiing and snowboarding effectively and safely, and the professionals can also keep training and improve their skiing skills. With the models of different sizes and options, this infinite ski slopes are suitable for the application in different places-Ski Clubs, Ski School, Gym, Entertainment Park, Leisure Park and Shopping Centers. We make it possible for people all round the world to enjoy ski and snowboard anywhere and anytime!
Our Tuocen Ski Simulators simulate the parallel slewing when skiing, which can deepen the skiers’ muscle memory, develop sense of balance and lay a solid foundation for efficient ski learning. It is an effective assistant for ski training on our Tuocen Treadmill Ski Machines. At the same time, our Tuocen Ski Simulators are small in size, easy to assemble, therefore are also suitable to be used as a group exercise equipment in gyms, and combined with other fitness devices, to increase the difficulty of training and bring fun, so as to achieve a multi-dimensional fitness effect. It is also suitable for use as leisure and entertainment equipment in homes and offices.
Outdoor rock climbing is a project that many people yearn for but dare not try easily, because it has high professional requirements for climbers' physical condition, experience and courage. With the ambition to bring the fun and benefits of rock climbing to everyone, we have designed and developed this treadmill rock-climbing machine. With the safety designs and adjustable speed, people without experience can climb on it safely and meanwhile exercise their bodies, and the professional rock climbers can also keep training on it. It is not only suitable for the use in gyms as a new style of exercise equipment, but also good for home and office entertainment and fitness use.

Tuocen Sports creates “Sportainment” for global indoor ski clubs!

With our indoor ski machines, it will not be a dream to ski in the city all year round.We offer different models of the infinite slopes and options so that our customers can choose the suitable ski machines for their ski clubs, ski centers, gyms, entertainment centers or leisure parks, for the ski and snowboard training or activities and parties to bring fun and attract attention. With our ski simulators, as the good supplement of our indoor treadmill ski machine, but much small in size and easy to install, we offer more flexible options to our clients. Also the newly designed rock-climbing machines, Tuocen Sports is committed to becoming a professional manufacturer and supplier of sports entertainment equipment for global customers.

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