Turnkey Solution to Start an Indoor Ski Club

Have interest to start an indoor ski center, but have no idea about what to do?

All you need is to contact us immediately.
We will give a complete plan for you, from site planning, machine recommendation, production, delivery, Installation, training and maintenance, we will help you with our professional knowledge and experience.

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Free Site Planning

No matter you already have a site, or plan to find a place to start an indoor ski club, you can get the professional suggestions from us for free, on how to choose the suitable place and how to make a proper plan for your site. With the drawing of your site (in DWG/DXF/CAD files) and some necessary information offered, we can make the suitable plan for you.

Smooth Installation

From the work to carry the ski machine parts into your place, and install the machine smoothly step by step, till the moment your indoor ski slopes work perfectly, our engineers will always be with you to assist and instruct the whole work. As a real business cooperator, we are totally aware that your success is our success.

Free Instructor Training

The instructors are very important and necessary for your business, you need the person(s) who knows well about the machine, and be able to operate it on site, so as to make sure the machine be able to work properly without unnecessary downtime. After the installation, we’ll train your staff well on the machine operation and routine maintenance, to make sure your ski club will run well.

Machine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

As the 3rd generation of indoor ski machine, with the most scientific design, we avoid the complicated maintenance work and make it quite simple, just clean the ski carpet when necessary by the automatic watering system and lubricate the bearings regular(once or twice a month) and keep them clean, that’s all.

Yearly Maintenance Check

On the other hand, we suggest doing the yearly overall check of the ski machine, so as to make sure they are in the best conditions and work for you as long as possible. And also when you really need to replace the ski grass for a better skiing experience. You can choose us to do these for you or to do it by yourself through our online instruction. As during the first installation, we’ll teach you all the key points, and leave you all the tools you need, also we have the detailed steps instructions to follow, so that our clients can make the best choice for them.

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