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Mini Treadmill Ski Machine

The mini treadmill indoor ski machine with the endless slope in two parts for fast installation(1-2 days), small dimension, easy to transport, suitable for gym, sports events and private use.
  • TC3-3
  • TUOCEN or Customized

Model No.:



Main Features:

1.  The ski slope are separated into two parts, and mainly installed well in Tuocen factory, so the clients just need to assemble the two parts into one, and install the accessories part, therefore it will take about only 1-2 days for installation in client's site.

2. With small dimension, fast installation, this model can be transported to different places for Sports Events and activities, to catch the eyes,

3. Also suitable for the application in fitness centers and private house


1. Fitness centers / Gyms

2. Sports Events and Activities to attract attentions

3. Private House

Model Dimension:


Specification Details:

Basic Specification of Mini Models
No Basic Specifications TC3-3
1 Machine Overall Dimension
(Width*Length)/ M
2 Mounting Area Required
(Width*Length)/ M
3 Skiing Area
(Width*Length)/ M
4 Machine Overall Height/M 2.15
5 Upper Platform Height /M 1.3
6 Min.Ceiling height/M 3
7 Ground Load-bearing Requirements
8 Main Motor Power
(Simens BEIDE)/KW
9 Input Power Requirements 380V/3 Phases
10 Numbers for comfortable skiing/Persons 1
11 Numbers for Training skiing/Persons 1
12 Machine Weight /T 2
13 Tilt angle of the Ski Slope / (°) 13°
14 Max.Motion Speed of the band /(kw/h) 30
15 Noise(dB) <65
16 Average Power Comsumption(kw/h) 2.5
17 Average Water Comsumption (liter/hr) 2
18 Japan Yaskawa Discharge Brake System Yes
19 Lead and driven shafts Rubber Covered
20 Infrared Emergency Stop No
21 Buffer Emergency Stop 1S
22 Belt Correcting System Yes
23 Automatic Ski Carpet Moistening System Yes
24 Remote Control Yes
25 Screen Control Pannel Stand with Error Alarms Yes
26 Lifting Start Bar No
27 Mirror Stand Option



Video of Mini Model TC3-3 Indoor Ski Machine :