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How we started

Started from the manufacturer of artificial grass and machines for artificial grass, we have been engaged in the design and develop of artificial grass industry for over 15 years, with so much experience, we designed the first generation of ski grass in China and now has updated it to the 3rd generation with all the technology patented.

It was during the study and research of ski grass that we came into contact with the concept of indoor ski machine. With the thoroughly thought of the wonderful possibility that this endless revolving machine can bring skiing and snowboarding to the common people in the city, and with the confidence from the experience and knowledge in ski grass, we started to design and manufacturer our own indoor ski machine.

What we achieved

After 10 years of research, design, production, and update, we are confident to say that we do make our dream come true, more than this we supply our customers a new business opportunities, and offer the turn-key solution to them, we focus on our infinite ski slope so that our customers can focus on the business. We always aim to supply the most reliable and suitable indoor ski machines at the most favorable prices with worry-free service for our dear customers all over the world.



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