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Ski machine in ONGRAVITY SKI & SNOWBOARD ZONE in Madrid, Spain

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     First endless ski slope ski simulator machine in Madrid!


       Skiing is a luxury sport, besides nearly about 10 months to wait for the snow, the preparation work, a few days holiday and even a long journey, all of these make it a big thing for you to go to the ski resorts and enjoy skiing.

        Now in Madrid, things got much easier, you just go to to ONGRAVITY SKI & SNOWBOARD ZONE, since we have helped them install the first treadmill ski simulator machine there, you can ski on the artificial infinite ski slope whenever you like, and ski as long as you'd like.

        You may wonder what is the treadmill ski simulator machine working?


        Actually The treadmill ski machine works just like a large endless rotating ski treadmill, with the conveyer belt covered with the specially designed artificial ski carpet on it, and set in a certain degree of tilt angle. Once the ski machine starts to work, the conveyer belt will revolve backwards, therefore the skiers can ski on the relatively fixed ski slope, so as to save the time of queuing and taking the cable car up the mountain.


      Who can ski on the treadmill ski machines?


      With the rotating speed and tilt angle of the ski slope to be adjustable, the treadmill ski simulator machine in ONGRAVITY Madrid is suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders.  As a former member of the Spanish national ski team, Mr. Eduardo Quian, after skiing on the indoor ski machine, decided to bring it over to Spain, and set up the first indoor training location for skiing and snowboarding in Madrid. As a professional skier, Mr Eduardo Quian not only himself likes to ski on our treadmill ski machine, but also does a great job training the beginners how to learn to ski and snowboard quickly and effectively.


       Compared to learn ski on the maintains, it is much safer to learn on our ski simulator machines, especially for the kids, as we have equipped our ski machine with a full range of safe designs to guarantee the safety of the skiers, such as the infrared touch emergency stop sensor on the back part of the ski slope, the emergency stop button on the screen touch control panel, the remote controller, the 2 seconds buffer emergency stop, and the height-adjustable start bar, all of these designs make it suitable for the kids above 4 years old to learn ski on the machine. 


       And with an instructor standing beside to coach, the skiers and snowboarders will make progress on their ski lessons very quickly and effectively, and the mirror stand, in front of the ski exercises machine, gives good feedback and helps them to correct their movements well.

     Why choose to train on an indoor ski simulator machine?

     * No limits on the time and the weather, no need to chase the snow all over the world.

     * More effective and much safer to ski on machines.

     * Suitable for the beginners to learn ski, and also for the experienced skiers to keep practice and improve their skills.

     * Just to have fun with family, friends or colleagues.


If you want to learn ski fast and easily,  enjoy the fun of skiing, or just to exercise, go to ONGRAVITY, where you will get all you want.

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