Tuocen Ski Simulators

Multi Choices for Flexible Applications in Ski Centers and Fitness Centers

Three models options for the ski training assistant in ski clubs, and the body exercises in fitness centers.

About Tuocen Ski Simulators

How the ski simulators work?

Our Tuocen Ski Simulators simulate parallel slewing when skiing, which can deepen the skiers’ muscle memory, develop a sense of balance, and lay a solid foundation for efficient ski learning.

Where to use the ski simulators?

It is an effective assistant for ski training on our Treadmill Ski Machines, so can be used in the ski centers, ski clubs, ski schools as auxiliary training equipment.
Meanwhile, our ski simulators are small in size, easy to assemble, therefore are also suitable to be used in gyms as a new group exercise style, or for private body exercises at home and in the office.

Benefits of Training on Tuocen Ski Simulator

  Train balance ability, improve physical coordination
  Exercise waist and tummy, reduce fat and shape body
  Enhance muscle endurance and reflex ability
  Enhance body and leg strength
  Wide application, much more fun.

Regular Models of Tuocen Ski Simulators




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  • We accept the sample order of 1 piece, just the shipping cost will be relatively high for small quantity order.

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